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Our attorneys have represented clients based on integrity and authenticity for over 30 years, which is vital to our success in helping clients find viable solutions to various legal issues.

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Objective, and Trustworthy 

At Garufi Law P.C., our dedicated attorneys understand how emotional and stressful legal problems can be. You are not a number or just a case to us. Each client is treated with respect and given personalized attention. Our lawyers and legal team are committed to building a strong relationship which allows us to provide objective, honest and straightforward expectations. Your well-being while achieving your legal goals are our priority.

We are your advocate and will empower you with our knowledge to make the right decisions. We will ensure you are not alone throughout the process. We will stand by you and be the legal advocate you can trust.

Experience Is Knowledge

Our attorneys understand the laws, legal system, courts and judges from decades of experience. We have a proven record of success in representing clients in various Courts and legal issues. Our legal team brings diverse and creative perspectives to each case. Our skills in negotiation, mediation and litigation are recognized amongst our peers and clients.

Whether you are dealing with a divorce, separation, custody or other family law matter; buying or selling real estate; facing a DWI or other criminal charge; starting a small business; or starting or facing a civil law suit, our lawyers are available to represent you.

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